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Friday, July 6, 2012

First Visit For 2nd Pregnancy : Duphaston!

Posted by mimie at 7/06/2012 09:47:00 AM

Jumaat.. Bangun pagi as usual 5am, tp kepala rasa berat jer. Last2 tertido balik plak. Tak sempat catat suhu at 5am. Terbangun balik 5.50am, terus amik suhu. So, BBT hari ni bulatan putih. Hmm. Sepanjang mlm plak hujan, mane tak nye syok je nak sambung tido kan

Jumaat.. my first visit for this 2nd pregnancy. Lepas thumb in masuk office jer aku terus g hospital, tunggu je bukak at 8am . So, aku org kedua register, tp org ke 4 yg kene panggil. Camne tu? Hmm... Sebelum ni buat dengan Dr Patricia Ling, Timberland Medical Specialist Hosital, so today again, jumpa doctor yg sama.

Bgtau Dr Ling , aku dpt 2 line for UPT test again after had a miscarriaged 4 May, respon dia:

"wow, thats good...thats good" 

Aku ingatkan dia nak marah sebab pregnant cepat sangat, LMP 3 June 2012. Expected now baru 4 week+-. Tak buat scan pun sebab memang tau tak nampak. Dr Ling bagi duphaston supply for 2 weeks and dia suruh dtg before 21 July sebab dia nak pegi Ukrain. So we set next appointment after 2 August 2012 , sebab hubby balik 21 July, Dr Ling balik 2 August.
Mudah-mudahan kali ni oke jer...Insyallah, will be good.

UPT pagi ni. 17DPO. 3 day delay

Sempat breakfast ni jerr.. Baked cheese

Tengah tunggu ubat kat Timberland Medical Specialist Hospital

My duphaston supply which cost RM100 include consultation. WHAT?!

Duphaston 10mg


Side effects of Duphaston may include gastro-intestinal disturbances, allergic skin rashes or urticaria, changes in libido, acne, fluid retention, mass gain, mental depression and breast changes, which may include discomfort or gynaecomastia. Alterations in liver function tests have been reported and less frequently jaundice.
In a small percentage of the treated cases, breakthrough bleeding may occur, which can be prevented by increasing the dosage. During the clinical application of Duphaston, no virilising side effects were observed.
Duphaston should be used with caution in patients with cardiovascular, renal or hepatic impairment, diabetes mellitus, asthma, epilepsy and migraine. It should be used with care in persons with a history of mental depression.  << Sumber : Side Effects and Special Precautions >>

Dydrogesterone has proven effective in the following conditions:
 << Sumber : Dydrogesterone Wikipedia >>


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